Calling all Greggs lovers, because they have released the best advent calendar this year! They released 500 in the middle of November around the UK, and shoppers, like myself, had to stand a queue outside stores to try and get their hands on the calendars. This is the first year Greggs have doe anything like this and I think it is a trial to see how well they actually go and if people like them, before they maybe mass produce them next year. However, I was among one of the lucky few to get one of these calendars after queuing for hours outside the Northumberland Street Greggs in Newcastle. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. The store manages were lovely and came and gave us free sausage rolls and coffee to keep us warm while we waited.

You are probably wondering how it works. Well you don’t have 24 cold and out of date pasties inside waiting for you to open, instead, each door becomes a voucher, which you can redeem at any Greggs store in the country. On the first day of December I went and got my Festive Bake, that was lovely. On the second I got a sweet mince pie (which I don’t really like that much so I have it to my mum). On the third I got a Turkey Roll… it’s like a sausage roll but… well… filled with Turkey. There is no easier way to explain it. Yesterday, the 4th, I got a Christmas Tree Biscuit which was nice too. Honestly, a Greggs every day is the way forward. Wish I could get one of these calendars every month of the year. I haven’t opened my advent calendar this morning (5th), but when I do I will post it on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you are following StudentDays, and remember to go out next year and grab yourself a Greggs advent calendar, for a pastry filled Christmas!

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Have a great Tuesday!

James x

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