I am not entirely sure what I want to do with my life.  Some days I want to change the world. On those days I imagine what i could be, who I could be. I can see myself fighting with Some important man or woman on Tv as a grown and intelligent woman. The words will flow and I have a way with words nobody has seen before. And high on that podium i will stand, doing what i love with conviction and a spark few have not seen from me.
Other days,
I see myself
In windows across the word.
Mug in hand
And a pen
Or a laptop
In the other
With my notebook residing on my lap.
Bohemian Paris is my background today, the lights flood in and my curtains fly as the soft breeze hits them. My legs are curled up on a chair and i think
‘This is where all the great poetics lie.’
Beckett and Joyce and their dismal existence rotted away in those buildings of Paris.
Beautiful Paris.
The next day it could be Seoul and the City will continue to act alive until 2am when they’ve all gone to bed. Awake for five am and rise. For those three hours in between I will stay awake and ponder on a subject i see fit as great. Flood lights and the big city life because I’ll have nothing but words to write.
Maybe some day it’ll be New York, where snow is most beautiful as it falls. High rise and continue to rise. Reflective of the sky. Midnight rooftop break ins and running from God knows what. Imagine living in a city of such disaster and pain. Sat at a typewriter at 7am, watching the sunrise with a green tea on the side.
What is this life?

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