As the world now knows (and probably will forever damn know) I applied to Cambridge. And that means as everyone else is applying to uni now or recieving offers I had all my offers back in October/November, super early. I just quietly got on with it.
Except one offer which wasn’t even an option at the time. This one offer has become the burden of my tiny insignificant but prospering life.
First of all though, back to the Cambridge thing.

I won’t find out if I’ve been accepted until January 10th which is annoying because they made me aware of the date. They know it. I know it. My family know it. Its scary stuff. Everyone expects me to get in because it’s me, when haven’t I pushed myself to the absolute limit to get what I want? Apparently never. This is reflected in what I’m about to say.

Maybe I will get accepted snd that’s cool, that’s what I’ve worked towards for the last YEAR of my life. That’s what I got an A for. That’s why i study until my parents stage an intervention or until my eyes burn from staring at the same damn screen for too long.
But if I don’t get in, that’s okay too because I have the most unconventional plan ever to have been put into place.

When I applied to University, I applied to only FOUR. Including Cam.
My fifth option was difficult and for a while I felt contempt with it not existing but then I didn’t. After failing once to apply to a course for international politics, (the course hadn’t been officially approved yet) I tried again to apply. Imagine waking up at 7am, at your dads house after babysitting and thinking damn, I think I want to do this. You put on the kettle and whilst making your tea, you just do it.

Just like that I had applied to study in Paris.
‘Freaking Paris, are you mental Beth? You can’t even speak French!’
Which is true but I’ll have you know I left French in year nine with a level four. Honestly.

So now, a month or so later I have a offer to go to Paris for three years and spend another elsewhere. I didn’t tell many people that I applied. My parents STILL have no idea what I’ve done and what I’m seriously considering doing.
I recognise that I sound really incredibly stupid.
But I feel as though if I’m rejected on January 10th then so be it, I’ll be on a plane to Paris.

It’s not as though I haven’t thought this through. Every international organisation I would want to work for has French as their official language (as it was the old international language before English spread further). Even the Olympics official language is French and originally the Olympics were Greek. I want to do relief work. I want to work to help the world, make it a better place. That involves travelling alone a lot. It involves frequent movement and adaptation to a specific environment. This gives me that chance. It’s not just politics, its international politics. Its not just a lecture, its fieldwork. That is what Paris offers.
That is what is floating around my head right now as January 10th approaches.

Here’s some tips that this entire situation has allowed me to come up with for those applying to Uni:
1) Anything you do is entirely your decision but don’t do everything entirely alone
2) Talk to people. What are your best options for your future? What benefits you the most?
3) Don’t hide things like this from family. I don’t want you to end up like me.
4) don’t be afraid. Everything is an opportunity. Take opportunities. It will benefit you eventually.
5) Be happy with what you’re doing. Maybe I’m just weird but I always test places by seeing how at home I feel and how long that feeling lasts once I’m gone.

Let us know what you think