So this is it? After 5 years of mandatory education of which has taught me nothing about the importance of the outside world; Taxes, mortgages, loans etc.… But yet I now know how to find the area of a triangle? At least I know if I’m scammed when buying a Toblerone.

The “Preparation” of school, its all filtered down to this? Waking up at 6:30am in the Morning to try and tessellate into a metro packed with hundreds of people and fixing my eyes onto anything other than another human. Blasting music into my ears then immediately lowering the volume when accidental eye contact is made with someone near me, then thinking ”Shit, they heard my music didn’t they?”.

Upon scrambling my way out of the metro and traveling to Starbucks, Costa, or some other random café that I have a loyalty card to, buying a coffee then a pack of cigarettes to later choke down as I sit and wait outside until that 9:00am start. Blocking out all the other people around the campus, unless I need a light of course. After savoring every bit of that first tab then going back to coffee realizing its cold, but downing it anyways cause everyone wants every bit of caffeine they can get.

Walking into class and just waiting for that 12 o’clock time to strike so everyone can go on lunch, checking the clock every 10 mins in your head – 10 seconds in the real world – finally getting to that midday pit stop is an awesome wave of happiness. Until you realize you spent the remainder of your lunch money on cold coffee and cigarettes.


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