Hey, welcome to StudentDays. This is literally the third time I have written this entire thing because I kept accidentally clicking off the page and losing the work. Please know that by this point I have been screaming at the computer and I am so glad it’s finally worked. So, nice to see you. My name is James, I’m currently in my second year at Sixth Form studying Computer Science, English Literature and Drama. Hopefully i’m going to go to uni in 2018 to study Computer Forensics. How exciting!

So, let me tell you about this project. StudentDays is a blog I created in November 2017 because I got stuck with my work and this was a result of my procrastination. (I’m actually very surprised.) The idea behind it was initially going to be a personal blog, and it started with the name “Hey, It’s James”. I then decided that if I can’t write one essay, then I am going to struggle writing an entire blog. I wrote my first post, “The joys of applying to university through UCAS” and then decided that I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. I then decided to make ‘StudentDays’, in the hope that other people would help me with the blog, making it into a community more than just my own personal manifesto.

And here it is… if you take a look around the website, hopefully someone has written something on each topic and you can go have a little look. All authors on the site are current students at college, sixth form or university, which makes it a lovely community of stressed, coffee fulled people. It’s great! I sometimes write, but I tend to spend most of my time looking for new authors to write for us and take part.

Want to get involved in StudentDays?

So, you want to write for us, well that is brilliant. We would LOVE to have you here. Firstly, we just want to see an example of your style of writing just to make sure your content is right for students, but don’t stress about it, it’s not a test and we will 99.9% of the time accept you, as long as you have a ‘can do’ attitude to writing.

Your example post should be longer than 300 words and aim to have a catchy title. You should also try and write it in a casual way, however you don’t have to, as we love the diverse range of writing styles here on the site. You can write about ANYTHING, however make sure that it is something students would like to read. Once it’s done, attach it to an email and then write a few sentences about yourself, what you are studying and why you want to be involved. When you have done all that, send it to submissions@studentdays.org and myself or another editor will read your post within seven days, however if you are applying over Christmas, I may take a bit longer because I am too busy singing Christmas songs with the family. We will then let you know some feedback on your post and then give you more information on how to use the website and publish your work on the site. It’s really simple!

We hope you enjoy StudentDays, and if you wan’t to get involved then good luck, and I really can’t wait to read your example post. If you have any questions or need any help along the way, just let me and the team know. Email support@studentdays.org and we will try and help as best we can.

I hope you have a great day!

James Slater
Founder & Creator